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Thank you for considering us for your screen printing needs. We offer in-house screen printing on both textiles and paper goods. To get started, let us know some details on your project so that we can give you a quote. To get a custom
quote, you'll need to email us or call (512)420-8558 with 4 pieces of information:

Your Art Here

1. ART. Do you already have the art? How many colors is it and can you email us a preview? What size do you want it printed? If you do not already have the art, we do offer custom design work.

2. MATERIAL. What are we going to be printing on? Paper, shirts, wood? What color is the paper or garments? If we are printing clothing, please let us know what type of garments you want. Different shirts vary in price, so please view our catalog to select the garments you want (CATALOG 1 or CATALOG 2). Don't forget to tell us the style #. Also, let us know if you need any larger sizes such as XXL, XXXL. We no longer accept supplied garments.

3. QUANTITY. Do you need 50, 100, 1000? The amount you order affects the price, so let us know. Our minimum order is 24 pieces on 1-2 colors t-shirts, and higher for more colors. Posters have a 50 or 100 piece minimum depending on the number of colors.

4. DEADLINE. We regularly maintain a full print schedule and your deadlines are important for us to know so that we can get you your products when you need them. Your time is important to us.

Once you receive the quote and have reviewed it carefully, we can proceed with the order pending any changes. To order, we require 50% deposit based on our finalized quote. Normal Turnaround is 7-10 working days after receiving deposit and art work.

*We no longer offer vinyl heat pressing for one-up t-shirts or custom jersey numbering.

Textile Printing
  24-120 120-250 250-500 500+
1-color $1.25 $1.00 $.85 $.75
2-color $2.00 $1.60 $1.50 $1.35
3-color $2.50 $2.25 $2.00 $1.85
4-color $2.75 $2.45 $2.25 $2.10
5-color $3.25 $2.55 $2.40 $2.25
6-color $3.75 $2.65 $2.50 $2.35

Above prices are per imprint location. Textile printing also requires a $25 per screen set-up charge. 3+ color designs have higher minimums.

Flatbed Printing
  <= 13"x20" <= 26"x20"
1-color $1.40 $1.75
2-color $2.15 $2.50
3-color $2.65 $3.00
4-color $3.15 $3.50
++ $.50 $.50

There is also a $30 per screen charge.Prices are general scope, exact price may vary per job. Poster minimum is 50pcs for 1-2 colors. 3+ color designs have 100 pcs minimums.

Other Charges
Flash Cures 20¢

Metallic Inks 20¢ each

Puff Inks 20¢ each

PMS Match $5 per color

Custom Ink Mix $5 per color

Ink Change $5 per color
Supplied Garments no longer accepted

Sorting/ Unpacking

Rush Service Rates
  • 4-6 Days add 25%
  • 2-3 Days add 40%
  • 24 Hours add 50%
  • Same Day add 100%


    Custom Screen Printing jobs vary in price depending on size, material printed
    on, deadlines, and by the number of colors printed. Click to get
    a custom
    . Below are some considerations.


    Shirts, paper (or what ever other material used) widely varies in cost. Paper
    typically cost between $.25 - $1.00 per sheet. T-shirts start in the range of $3 a piece (white s-xl),
    and $4 (color s-xl). Premium styles like American Apparel, etc. start at $6 (s-xl). Please view our online catalogs to select the garments you want. Don't forget to tell us the style #.

    View CATALOG 1 or CATALOG 2

    Screen Fees

    Each color needs its own screen. Depending on the size of the image, screen
    fees and set-up charges stay around $25(textile) or $30(poster) per imprint/ color. This price
    includes set up, positives, and screen burning.

    Colors for REFERENCE! Computers vary.
      white   black




    flo pink

    royal. blue

    navy. blue


    for. grn
      purple   brown
      rhod. red   flo green
      med. red   kelly. grn
      maroon   winter blue
      lt. gray   met. gold


    met. sil
    ink color mixing available!
    Above are Textile colors. All posters are custom.

    Color Choices

    Here is a chart with our standard colors. We can also mix custom colors
    with an additional charge of $5/color.

    Number of Colors

    Pricing increases as the number of colors and surface area increase.

    To the top right is a chart geared toward textiles naming
    number ordered and number of colors as variables. These prices do not
    include the price of shirt, etc.

    To the middle right is a chart geared toward paper, wood, or
    non-textile materials
    naming size and number of colors as variables. Individual
    jobs will likely need custom sizes, so pricing adjusts accordingly. Common poster
    sizes are 11"x17", 13"x20", 18"x24", 20"x26".


    We typically use plastisol inks for textile and water-based acrylic inks for paper printing. We also use specialty inks such as discharge and vinyl in special circumstances.


    If you supply the art, we prefer the files to be in a vectorized format such as an .eps, .ai, or .pdf. Please remember to outline any fonts. If the art is not vectorized, the file must be saved at 300dpi as a .tiff, .psd, or .jpg. Please save the art at the size you want it printed. Standard textile printing is limited to 13" wide by 16" tall. Our studio primarily prints spot color type art. That means we do not print process jobs such as a full color photograph. We can print single color tones using halftone screens. And remember, we can design your art too! Design fees are $75/hour.


    A 50% Deposit is required on all orders. Balance is due upon completion of the job. We accept Credit Cards
    through PayPal.

    Terms and Prices subject to change. Quotes are subject to change
    upon review of the submitted artwork.

    If you want to buy a previously printed poster, you can make a request
    which will be determined by availability. Posters typically start at $12.00
    (+ $5 shipping). Requests can be made to
    or phoned to (512)420-8558. Include the band name to check availability.

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