General Screen Printing

Q: What is your typical turnaround for projects?
A: Our typical turnaround is 7-10 Business Days. Our business hours are M-F 10:00am - 5:30pm CST.

Q: Does Rural Rooster have rush fees?
A:Yes. 7 Business Day Rush Fee = 10%, 4-6 Business Day Rush Fee = 25%, 2-3 Business Day Rush Fee = 40%, 24 hr Rush Fee = 50%, Same Business Day (if possible) Rush Fee = 100%

Q: Does Rural Rooster require a down payment for projects?
A: We require a 50% Deposit on all orders. We accept cash, check, CC, and PayPal.

Q: I would like my project shipped to me. What is your shipping method(s)?
A: We ship T-Shirts and Poster projects via UPS Ground with tracking # and insure all projects for their total production cost. Cost of shipping is factored into the projects' remaining balance once ready to ship.

Q: I have specific colors for my order, can you create it?
A: We ask for pantone #'s for all orders to insure we create the correct color(s) for your order. To learn more about pantone colors, please refer to

T-Shirt Printing

Q: What is Rural Rooster's minimum for T-Shirts?
A: We have a minimum of 24 per design, and 12 per garment color (if mixing the shirt colors).

Q: Do you offer supplied goods printing?
A: No. Under very rare special circumstances Rural Rooster will print on supplied goods with the understanding that should an item be damaged through our production process, we are not responsible for replacing the items. Often supplied goods are items outside of our vendor networks which makes it difficult for us to be accountable for replacements. On items that Rural Rooster supplies, we will replace damaged goods with no additional cost. We make every effort not to damage items, but occasional discrepancies are normal with the screen printing process. We charge $.50 or more per supplied item depending on the item.

Q: I have a design for my shirt order, but I don't know if it's "silkscreen ready". What do I do?
A: Rural Rooster allows for up to half an hour of prepress time for set up, minor corrections or alterations. Any time required past that is charged at the rate of $75 an hour.

Q: What kind of file should I save the art in?
A: If you supply the art, we prefer the files to be in a vectorized format (ie. Illustrator) such as an .eps, .ai, or .pdf. Please remember to outline any fonts. If the art is not vectorized (ie. Photoshop), the file must be saved at 300dpi as a .tiff, .psd, or .jpg. We prefer to have the actual layered files. Also please save the art at the size you want it printed.

Q: Can Rural Rooster print unique numbers & names on the back of our shirts?
A: No. Some specialty shops offer vinyl or other heat press options for this.

Q: How big can my t-shirt art be?
A: Standard textile printing is limited to 12" wide by 16" tall, with a $25/screen setup charge.

Q: Can I print some shirts with one color of ink and some with a different ink color?
A: We offer ink changes in volumes of 10+ shirts at $5/color change. For example, for 20 2-color shirts, 10 shirts with red and white and 10 with green and yellow would have an ink change charge of $10.

Poster Printing

Q: What is Rural Rooster's minimum for Silkscreen Posters?
A: We have a minimum of 20 for 1-3 colors, 50 for 4-6 and 100 for 7+.

Q: What inks do you use?
A: We use water based Speedball Acrylic inks for most projects, but also use TW inks.

Q: Do you offer specialty inks such as Glow in the Dark, Flourescent, and Metallic inks?
A: We charge an additional $0.25 for Metallic Inks. For Glow in the Dark & Fluorescent ink, inquire for pricing.

Q: What are your requirements for margins?
A: We ask that margins be no smaller than 1/4 of an inch.

Q: Can Rural Rooster print bleed prints?
A: Yes. We charge $10 per 100 prints and the print pricing grid will be based on the next size larger poster size.

Q: Can Rural Rooster order specialty paper like French Paper, etc?
A: Yes we can.

Q: Can I supply my own paper?
A: Yes. But make sure that you supply more sheets than prints you expect in the edition. General rule is 10% more per color.

Q: Can Rural Rooster hand number my prints?
A: Yes we can. $.25 per print.

Q: How does Rural Rooster ship posters?
A: We ship flat via UPS or FedEx. We always insure unless asked not to. For individual posters purchased through our store, we ship in tubes.

Q: What is the biggest size you can print my posters?
A: We can print up to a 24x36 inches (with margins).

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