At Rural Rooster, we understand that different projects require special amounts of attention as well as budget and schedule considerations. Whether we are helping you create the visual identity for your life long aspiration, or simply helping with a quick graphic, we are happy to help. Here are some services that we offer.

Graphic Design and Branding. Our conceptual process always starts with the client. We carefully listen to the needs and story behind each project before we take on or execute any actual assets. Whether we are helping you create the visual identity to your life long aspiration, or just helping with a quick graphic, we are happy to help.

Our production process ranges from tradition hand lettering to sleek vector illustration. We put a strong emphasis on quality typography and lettering as well as thoughtful color palettes. We strive to find the perfect harmony between creativity and function.

rural rooster graphic design Austin Texas
rural rooster Screen printing Austin Texas

Screen Printing. We offer in-house screen printing on both textiles and paper goods. We offer plastisol, waterbase and discharge printing on T-shirts and have access to just about every wholesale brand available.

Our flatbed printing typically ranges from posters to postcards, vinyl jackets to boxes. We typically use waterbased acrylic inks, though we stock some other specialty inks. Our largest print size is 24x36 inches.

If you are interested in a screen print quote right away, you can try our Screen Printing Quote Calculator or find out more about our process at our Screen Printing Section.

Web Development. Rural Rooster offers custom website development. A website can be more than a digital brochure with static information, rather, a website can display dynamic information that you and/or your users can create, delete, and edit. Whether you are a business owner or artist looking to keep your site current with event dates, news, or image galleries, or you are looking to create an information community, we can develop your website to be a web application that you or your staff can easily manage. Updating your site can be as easy as using email or creating a blog post. Starting at $500, we will setup 3 content pages, a contact form, and a dynamic content type such as a news section, gallery, upcoming event schedule, testimonial list, etc. The site is also expandable and will grow with you. Included is a training consultation to use your site admin section. We typically develop on the Drupal framework, but can work with others such as wordpress, joomla, etc.

rural rooster web design Austin Texas


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