Q: What is Rural Rooster's minimum for Silkscreen Posters?
A: We have a minimum of 20 for 1-3 colors, 50 for 4-6 and 100 for 7+.

Q: What inks do you use?
A: We use water based Speedball Acrylic inks for most projects, but also use TW inks.

Q: Do you offer specialty inks such as Glow in the Dark, Flourescent, and Metallic inks?
A: We charge an additional $0.25 for Metallic Inks. For Glow in the Dark & Fluorescent ink, inquire for pricing.

Q: What are your requirements for margins?
A: We ask that margins be no smaller than 1/4 of an inch.

Q: Can Rural Rooster print bleed prints?
A: Yes. We charge $10 per 100 prints and the print pricing grid will be based on the next size larger poster size.

Q: Can Rural Rooster order specialty paper like French Paper, etc?
A: Yes we can.

Q: Can I supply my own paper?
A: Yes. But make sure that you supply more sheets than prints you expect in the edition. General rule is 10% more per color.

Q: Can Rural Rooster hand number my prints?
A: Yes we can. $.25 per print.

Q: How does Rural Rooster ship posters?
A: We ship flat via UPS or FedEx. We always insure unless asked not to. For individual posters purchased through our store, we ship in tubes.

Q: What is the biggest size you can print my posters?
A: We can print up to a 24x36 inches (with margins).

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